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Handheld Sharpener | Hammerstahl


15 in stock

15 in stock


A simple way to keep your knives as sharp as the first day you used them. The ceramic wheel is specially designed to match the blade angle specifications for Hammer Stahl knives.

Lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.


Heritage Steel is a family-owned cookware manufacturer in Clarksville, TN. Their founder, Donald Henn, launched the company over 60 years ago building a substantial cookware distribution through a partnership with the Vollrath Company. In 1982, Donald Henn purchased the consumer cookware division of Vollrath and established the New Era Cookware Company, DBA Heritage Steel. The company's focus for much of the last 38 years has been on manufacturing private label and OEM lines for companies throughout the United States and abroad. In 2015, the company introduced Heritage Steel Cookware and Hammer Stahl Cutlery to the tradition retail channel.

Heritage Steel Cookware is the culmination of over 40 years' experience crafting specialty multiclad stainless steel cookware in the USA, and is made with only the highest quality materials and superior craftmanship. In addition to their cookware, we also offer Hammer Stahl Cutlery and Kitchen products.  Heritage Steel represents the company's products that they manufacture in the United States while the the Hammer Stalh brand represents the products that we source from around the world. Their goal when sourcing products for the Hammer Stahl brand is to bring outstanding performance coupled with exceptional value. When you see the HS Shield you can be certain that is a stamp of approval that the product is of great quality and value. Their mission is to equip home cooks with quality tools at an affordable price, empowering a lifetime of great cooking.


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