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Busy Day Potato Soup Mix | The Resident Chef


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1 in stock

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A wonderful rich and creamy instant soup for those busy days! The only ingredient needed is water or milk. For an awesome and easy loaded baked potato soup, simply mix in shredded cheese, top with bacon bits and sour cream. Great mixed with skim milk for those watching fat and calories. We love to use it as the base for chowders and creamy bisques!

Directions: Cook 1/3 of mix with 1 cup of water or milk. You can adjust the thickness of the soup by adding more or less liquid. Heat and enjoy.     

Contains: Milk


"We started this business because we love food and wanted to help everyone become The Resident Chef of their home. It's our mission to help people create amazing meals for their friends and family without too much time, or breaking the bank. Food has deep connections. We all remember those favorite meals... not only how they tasted, but where we were and who were with when eating them. When you make a special meal for someone, you want to create those memories – to make them ask, "Where did you get this?" We strive to create the most delicious, memorable foods that are oh so simple to make. And we never skimp on our ingredients. Because making memorable meals requires the best we can offer." - The Resident Chef



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