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Chef Dorothy Huang

Chef - Dorothy Huang

As a renowned Chinese culinary teacher, Dorothy Huang has taught thousands and thousands of students to experience the joy of Chinese cooking. Her gorgeous cookbook, Chinese Cuisine Made Simple, is the most sought-after cookbook in Chinese Cuisine. It contains160 mouth-watery recipes that emphasize nutritional values, easy preparation, and taste appeal.

Huang was born in now Guangzhou, China and was raised in Taiwan. She earned her master’s degree in Education with a minor in Foods & Nutrition at the University of Houston. Her work as a dietician and knowledge of Chinese cuisine led to the decision to make teaching Chinese cooking her career. Throughout the years, Huang has returned frequently to Asia to study and hone her skills under distinguished chefs in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Huang has delivered her own brand of Asian cooking and the latest culinary trends to her eager students for over 30 years. Her classes are always informative, entertaining, and delicious!

One of her most popular classes covers China’s four regional cuisines: hot and spicy Szechuan; Cantonese, which is big on fresh ingredients and seafood; Shanghai-style, which uses a lot of soy sauce and ginger; and Beijing-style, where wheat noodles and dumplings are common. She even teaches a class called “No Cutting, No Kidding,” which emphasizes dishes that require little prep-work. Her classes are hands-on, with students cooking as she explains ingredients and demonstrates techniques. “Working together and learning together make it easy,” she says. She may be referring to cooking class, but it’s a noble philosophy for life, too.

Feel free to contact Chef Dorothy at (281) 493-0885