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The Cold Cork | Vauz Inc.


39 in stock

39 in stock

The Cold Cork chills a glass of wine and spirits by 20 degrees in 20 seconds and a bottle of red wine to perfect cellar temperature. Just pop it on to your bottle, pour and enjoy the pure pleasure of a chilled drink—anytime you want it.

To use, simply keep your Cold Cork in the freezer so it is ready whenever needed. Take it out of the freezer, pop it into your bottle of wine, and tilt at an angle. Your wine will come out, instantly cooled! After use, use the included pump to clean out any excess wine and store back in the freezer.

LE PETITE IS PROUD to be the first ever retailer in the world of this amazing product!


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"At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we, like many preparing to quarantine at home, stocked up on wine and spirits. Upon returning from the store, we found ourselves saddled with warm drinks. That’s when the grim reality of quarantine really kicked in — and when the wheels started turning. Our idea was to design a pouring device that instantly chilled wine and spirits — and with a 3D printer at home, we got right to work creating what would become the first prototype of the Cold Cork. After months of working out the kinks, we are proud to share this amazing device with you, the drinking public."

- Michelle and Tyler, founders



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