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Midwinter Mulled White Cocktail Infusion | One Part Co.


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MIDWINTER MULLED WHITE ~ a bright light in the winter darkness.  The lighter spices and airy lemon verbena combine with apple and the peppery notes of ginger and peppercorn to accentuate the sunny character of a fruity white. We prefer it with a little vodka spike as well.  Either way, a cup of winter sunshine for the holidays.  Enjoy!

Mulling Time: 20-30 minutes
Ingredients: Lemon Verbena, Cardamom, Apple, Ginger, Pink Peppercorn
Contains no sugar, gluten, dairy, GMO, or any artificial additives

Combine white wine and 1pt Mulled White Blend and sugar (to taste) and vodka (optional) in medium saucepan. Gently warm, stirring occasionally for 20-30 minutes. Do not boil. Strain the 1pt blend and serve into cups from saucepan over lowest heat. Garnish with cranberries and a decorative sprig.



The trick to simple delicious cocktails is rapid infusion. 1pt makes it very, very easy. Just follow these simple instructions and you're on your way to the perfect cocktail!

What You Need

  • a 1pt Blend Packet
  • 375ml of spirits (half a standard bottle)
  • A jar, pitcher, bowl, measuring cup, or any lidded vessel that holds at least 375ml of liquid (the 1pt Infusion Kit is purpose built for this)

For Standard Infusions (spirits)

  1. Open the 1pt Blend Packet and empty ALL of the contents into your vessel
  2. Add your 375ml of spirits to that same vessel and set a timer for the Infusion Time it tells you on the back of the 1pt Blend Packet
  3. When time's up, use a strainer to strain the now-infused spirit liquid into a suitable bottle (again, the 1pt Bar Bottle+ is the perfect thing but you can use any bottle you like), discard the used infusion blend material, and reserve the infused spirit for your cocktails

For Mulling (wine)

  1. Combine one 1pt Blend Packet with one standard bottle of wine (750ml) in a saucepan
  2. Simmer (do not boil) over low heat for 20-30 mins, following recipe
  3. Strain liquid and return to saucepan on lowest heat for serving, keep covered

That's It
You're done. Now just follow the simple cocktail recipe to make your infused cocktail  And enjoy!


"1pt is a revolutionary approach to flavoring spirits.  We believe infusion is the future of cocktails in the era of craft. It's a simple and direct way to add a wide variety of subtle, elegant, and even exotic flavors to your drink without the need for loads of strange and expensive standalone mixers, bitters, or other ingredients. 1pt infusion blends are constructed from carefully developed formulas of all-natural dried ingredients.  They are blended at an FDA-approved facility in the USA exclusively for 1pt and contain absolutely no dairy, gluten, sugar, additives, or GMO." - One Part Co.



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