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BLENDi Pro+ – White | BLENDi


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1 in stock

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Blend whenever, wherever with the touch of a button and no cords. No more clumpy mixes, congealed smoothies, and settling for unhealthy meals. Mix protein powders, chop frozen fruit, and even crush ice. Features bottle conversion and blade cover accessories, which fully converts into a travel bottle. The BLENDi is charged via micro-USB, lasting for 10-15 cycles (20 seconds each) on each charge.

BLENDi Pro+ Details

  • Capacity: 520 ML (17.58 oz) in travel bottle
  • Travel bottle conversion: Convert into a 17.5 oz water bottle with the travel bottle accessory
  • Ultra Safe: blade cover accessory to protect exposed blades.
  • Material: BPA Free cylinder
  • Self-cleaning
  • Power: 120W


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