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German Fissler Cookware

Solea Collection


Pouring Made Easy

The practical pouring function means you no longer need to juggle with a strainer when you pour off liquids: you move the lid slightly and can then pour off liquids very simply. There is no need to bother with potholders. The large, convenient stainless steel handles are ovenproof and do not get hot when you are cooking.


Hook the Lid of the Pot onto the Rim

The rimless glass lid can be hooked into any part of the rim of the pot. Condensate drips back into the pot, so your stove stays clean.


Solea High Saucepan 2 Qt.

Extra high saucepan with glass lid and side handle. Particularly suitable for stir-frying fresh vegetables and for sautéing small pieces of meat.



Solea High Stew Pot

Designed for sophisticated & demanding cooks. Particularly suitable for hearty stews and tasty soups.



Solea Frypan 11"

Suitable for crispy low-fat frying with a grill effect. Ideal for meat and poultry. Stainless steel stay-cool handles. Ovenproof and dishwasher-proof.


Solea 8 pc. Set

- 2.4qt. (2.3ltr.) / 7.9"  Casserole
- 2.0qt. (1.9ltr.) / 6.3"  Stew Pot with lid
- 3.4qt. (3.2ltr.) / 7.9"  Stew Pot with lid
- 5.4qt. (5.1ltr.) / 9.5"  Stew Pot with lid


Original Pro Collection


Pro Collection Wok

Whether frying, steaming, poaching, or even grilling, the new Original pro collection flat-bottom wok is a stunning multi-purpose addition to any kitchen.



Pro Collection Multi Star

Whether you prepare pasta dishes, mussels or spinach, our 18/10 stainless steel Multi-star is perfect for a variety of different cooking tasks.



Pro Collection 8 pc. Set

- 11.0" Saute/Frypan
- 7.9" Saute/Frypan
- 6.7qt. / 9.5" Stew Pot with lid
- 3.2qt. / 9.5" Saute Pan with lid
- 2.1qt. / 6.3" High Saucepan with lid


Pro Collection Fry Pan

This professional-grade Frypan features a beautiful satin finish, the look of rivets without the mess as well as true stay-cool handle.

Avaliable in these sizes:

- 7.9" - #12200
- 9.5" - #13966
- 11.0" - #14614

Blue Point Collection


Blue Point Pressure Pan Set

- large 10.2" skillet - capacity of 4.2qt. (4.0ltr)
- pressure lid
- additional glass lid
- steamer basket



Blue Point 8.5 Qt.

18/10 stainless steel Blue Point pressure cookers are perfect for healthy and time-saving cooking.


Also avaliable in 10.6 Qt. - #14602


Blue Point Quattro Set

- 6.4qt (6.0ltr.) / 8.7" pressure cooker
- 2.7qt (2.5ltr.) / 8.7" pressure skillet
- glass lid for skillet
- perforated inset
- tripod stand


Turner Comfort

The Fissler Turner Comfort is made from high quality heat resistant synthetic material. Its unique and comfortable shape is particulary effective if used in pans with large nonstick coated surfaces.



Kitchen Accessories


Black Edition Whisk

Ideal for preparing soups and sauces.



Black Edition Lasagna Lifter

 For cutting and serving portions of lasagna and gratin.



Black Edition Skimmer

Deep skimmer for lifting and draining delicate foods or small pieces, even from the bottom of the vessel.



Black Edition Wok Turner

Asian practicality. The slightly flattened shape is ideal for stirring, lifting and serving in and out of the wok.



Black Edition Soup Ladle

Spilling liquids is a thing of the past. Soup ladle with two spouts for precise serving.



Magic Can Opener

This can opener separates the lid laterally from the can without leaving any sharp edges. The lid does not fall into the can and can easily be removed and put back in place.