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Food Warmer Tote


Prepare your casserole at home - take it out of the  oven up to 475 degrees and place it in the tote. ZIp it up and transport it to your dinner or church function. Unzip the lid, and set it on any surface. The tote will keep the food warm and will protect the table from the heat. The handles are long enough to carry it easily  without spilling.


Bun Warmer Basket


Use this attractive Bun Warmer Basket to keep the buns, rolls and special bread warm for up to an hour on your dining table - or use it to carry them to your picnic.
Keeps them fresh, soft, warm and moist if not eaten at once.


Tortilla Warmer


Heat and serve HOT TORTILLAS for up to one hour during your meal
and they stay SOFT
Microwavable and washable