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Rösle Kitchen Utensils

Since 1888, Rösle has been using German engineering to produce the finest quality professional cooking tools and kitchen utensils for the professional chef and home cook. Designed for optimum performance, comfort and appearance, Rösle cookware offers a complete integrated system of kitchen utensils, cookware toolsand more. Made from the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel, Rösle will bring pleasure to food preparation that is guaranteed for a lifetime.


Round Balloon Whisk

The balloon form of the wire loops ensures that a maximum quantity of air is beaten in during whisking. Results are light and airy mixes. Suitable for beating egg-white, whipping cream and mousses.



Cooking Spoon
This Cooking Spoon is completely from stainless steel, strong, durable and hygienic. Perfect for stirring, beating and blending. The round shape makes it especially useful for working in bowls. Rounded wires enable working in coated non-stick pans and pots.


Apple/Pear Cutter


Fruit or vegetables are divided into eight equal parts and the core is cut out separately. The wide handles give a good grip and ensure optimum transmission of pressure. Ideal for apples and pears as well as potatoes.



Mezzaluna Chopper


This special rocking tool is ergonomically designed to fit the hand and guarantees a firm grip and efficient chopping. Manufactured in one piece for easy cleaning. Both of the slightly curved cutting edges are sharpened along their entire length.



Cheese Knife


The knife with its sharp scalloped blade cuts cheese neatly. The large cut-outs prevent slices sticking to the stainless steel blade.




Wire Cheese Slicer
Two wires run along the sides of the Wire Cheese Slicer, each one fixed at a different distance from the central rod so that soft cheeses can be sliced in different thickness. The prong at the tip facilitates easy lifting up and serving.


Locking Tongs


The Locking Tongs with their patented coupling mechanism can be opened and locked together using just one hand. Safe and comfortable handling is assured through the ergonomic design of the Locking Tongs. Space-saving storage in locked position.

  • Tong opens and closes by squeezing with one hand.
  • Sensitive enough to pick up a raisin or a pea.
  • Upper and lower teeth remain in close contact for extra strong grip of food.
  • Perfect spring tension decreases amount of effort for opening and closing.
  • Edges are beautifully finished so there are no sharp places that might cause discomfort or pinching.
  • All surface areas are accessible for easy cleaning.



Garlic Press

Even unpeeled garlic cloves can be easily processed with the Garlic Press. A special leverage mechanism ensures that minimum effort is required. Sieve component swings up for easy cleaning under running water.

  • Cleverly designed lever system makes pressing effortless.
  • Can press even unpeeled garlic.
  • Large basket holds elephant garlic or several smaller cloves.
  • Completely opens up for easy cleaning, no extra parts that can be lost.
  • Special conically shaped and sharpened holes in basket contribute to uniform size and texture of crushed garlic.
  • Handles clip together to make storage easy.
  • Round ring for hanging.



Tomato/Kiwi Peeler


The extra sharp double blade separates even the most delicate skin from fruit. It belongs in the hands of every creative cook. With protective cap for the blade and additional sharpened corer. It is especially suitable for tomatoes, kiwis, pawpaw and mangoes, amongst others.

  • Extra sharp double blade (62 serrated points!) separates the thinnest skin from the softest fruit
  • Kiwi, peaches, paw paw, mango tomatoes and peppers can all be peeled effortlessly and without mess
  • Completely manufactured in stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Also works on other fruits and vegetables such as carrots, asparagus, apples, pears
  • A sharpened point at the tip of the tool is useful for removing blemishes, tomato stalks or potato eyes.
  • Guard protects the blade during storage.



Zester with Canelle


The very small perforations allow very fine strips to be cut away from the zest of citrus fruit, leaving the bitter pith behind. Ideal for decorating and for enhancing soups and salads.



Fine Skimmer


For skimming and straining pasta or noodles and lifting out deep-fried items. Liquid drains quickly away through the large area of fine perforations. Small pieces of food can be completely lifted out from the liquid.



Barbecue Fork


The fork for serving and turning. The long, pointed prongs do not damage meat fibres and so prevent drying out of grill food. The long shaft protects hands from heat sources so the fork is well suited for large grills.



Ceramic Hob Scraper
The ceramic hob scraper cleans off dried-out spills from the hob surface with care and efficiency. The mounting screw facilitates blade exchange and allows retraction of the blade from a working mode into safe storage position.


Ladle with Pouring Rim


With a choice of six different sizes and handle lengths this selection of ladles provides a made to measure solution for ladling and portioning. With all round pouring rim for drip-free pouring.