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Chef'n is a growing Seattle-based company with more than 250 product patents worldwide and a single mission. We want to make better tools so you can make better food.  


Question: How is it possible to chop large pieces of vegetables or fruit, nuts, herbs, boneless meats—or even ice—by hand? What makes creating fresh salsas and pestos simple, with a just few pulls of a handle? Answer: The VeggiChop™ from Chef’n. (You guessed that already, though, didn’t you?)

• No electricity needed
• Patented blade mechanism
• Bowl and blade are dishwasher safe


$36.50, #6399


Simply peel, fill, and roll. Stainless steel blades turn out perfectly chopped garlic from your peeled cloves. Your hands will thank you later.

• Removable stainless steel bade
• Top rack dishwasher safe


$11.25, #5864


Bring on the avocados, because the firm yet flexible Flexicado™ can scoop and slice the flesh out of ‘em no matter what size they are. Slicing teeth are kid-friendly for all the little avocado lovers in the house.

• Durable nylon construction
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe


$6.50, #2719


Each one-handed click of the stylish SpiceShot™ dispenses 1/4 teaspoon of your favorite spice, so take control of your flavors and leave all those measuring spoons in the drawer.

• Dispenses ¼ tsp per click
• Whole-leaf and large seed spices not recommended


$9.95, #4696


So appealing. This neat little package slides right onto your finger, tucks into your palm, and peels anything you can get your hand on. It even has a convenient potato eyer at the tip.

Soft rubber finger grip
• 18/10 Stainless steel blade
• Top rack dishwasher safe


$6.75, #3247

SleekStor VeggiSteam

That old metal clunker? See if it can be recycled, because there’s a new steamer in the cabinet. With its sleek lines and expanded surface area, the SleekStor™ VeggiSteam™ is a steaming revolution.

• Non-stick design
• Silicone body / Nylon core
• Heat-resistant (650°F/340°C)
• Top rack dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe


$19.95, #3569


Get a grip on your salad prep with the LeafShears™. Forget the sharp knives and cutting boards—just shear your greens and herbs right into the serving bowl, then throw this remarkable tool into the top rack of your dishwasher.

• One-piece nylon construction
• Top rack dishwasher safe


$5.60, #6057


When it comes to the kitchen we like to think thin. Thin and delicious slices of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Or thin products, that collapse for minimal storage.  The SleekSlice mandoline does both, making it a little slice of heaven.

• Handle folds into 3 positions: underneath, 90°, straight out
• Collapsible finger guard
• 4 thickness settings
• 2 safety settings
• Stainless steel micro serrated blade
• Top rack dishwasher safe


$22.50, #8143

Salad Spinner

Not all salad spinners are created equal. Ours has a unique lever system for super-quick drying, while the non-skid base keeps everything in place. The elegant acrylic bowl even doubles as a serving bowl. Makes your head spin.

• Lever spinning system
• Non-skid base
• Acrylic bowl


$27.95, #6059