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Tea Forte

This wonderfully innovative line of teas and adorable accessories are a must-have for tea enthusiasts and beginners alike. The pyramid-shaped silken infusers, tea-over-ice flash chill iced tea pitchers, and various designer mugs and cups are specially designed to bring out the exotic and delicate flavors of these truly delicious Asian tea blends. 

Iced Tea

Iced Tea re-imagined! Tea Forte' blends extraordinary teas with nature's bounty of luscious fruits, healing herbs and flowers for extravagantly delicious iced tea refreshment.
Flavors: Pomegranate Blackberry
            White Ginger Pear

Tea-Over-Ice Brewing Pitchers
Item # 8029

Steep hot tea in the lidded upper pitcher and then Flash Chill deliciously fresh iced tea by pouring the brewed beverage into the ice in the lower pitcher for immediate service. The signature piece of our Tea-Over-Ice™ line, these sculpturally designed pitchers are made from hand-blown heat-resistant glass and stack for a captivating tableside presentation.
The proportions of hot water, tea and ice are perfectly balanced to produce a fresh 24 oz. pitcher of iced tea with each infuser.

Loose Leaf Teas

Exotic, aromatic and deliscious loose leaf teas in the following flavors:
Orange Pekoe
Citrus Mint
Orchid Vanilla
Raspberry Nectar
Green Tango
Decaf Breakfast
White Ginger

Cocktail Infusions

These special blends of natural teas, fresh herbs and spices infuse directly into alcohol. Use the following teas to make the following cocktails, or create your own!
Lemongrass Mint: Mojito, Gin & Tonic, Bali Breeze
Lavender Citrus: Lavender Pear Martini, Cosmo de Provence, Lavender Lime Rickey
Silkroad Chai: Chai White Russian, Bombai Chai Rum & Tonic, Peach Chai Crush

Silken Infusers
Tea Collections in two themes:
Escape: Mild Teas for Relaxation including Citrus Mint, Chamomile Tisane, African Solstice, White Ambrosia, Jasmine Green, Oasis
Dolce Vita: Decadent Dessert Teas including Coco Truffle, Belgian Mint, Raspberry Nectar, Orchid Vanilla, Vienna Cinnamon

Cocktail Mixology Set

Become a master mixologist at home and create naturally infused exotic cocktails. It's fresh, it's fun, it's creative and it's entertaining! Our new Cocktail Mixology Set will give you the tools you need to infuse the perfect cocktail in your home.

Place an infuser into one of our Infusion Chambers, pour alcohol over the infuser and watch the color swirl as the delicious flavors are released. Add the rest of the cocktail ingredients and enjoy. No hot water is needed!

Cocktail Mixology Set includes:
  • Two glass infusion chambers
  • Cocktail Infusions Collection box of eight infusers
  • Tea Forté Cocktail Infusions recipe booklet
  • Special bonus holiday recipe booklet