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Emile Henry

Founded in 1850, and located in Marcigny, a small town in the province of Burgundy, France, Emile Henry has established a worldwide reputation for manufacturing the finest quality ceramic ovenware, gourmet cooking products, and bakeware products. Still owned and operated by the Henry family, the company today manufactures all of their new cooking products from Burgundy clay using their proprietary Ceradon® state-of-the-art manufacturing process.


Flame Top Round Stewpot
Our sturdy round stewpot is designed for both the oven and the stove and can be used in a variety of ways from simmering a vegetable soup to slow braising a pot roast. The natural clay allows slow even temperatures and the durable glaze makes this pot easy to clean following use. Best of all, the cooking surface of flametop is easy to clean, safe for the dishwasher and the pots are 30% lighter than Cast Iron.


Flame Top Oval Stewpot
The handcrafted oval shape of the flame top stewpot is designed to accommodate a variety of poultry and longer cuts of meat like pork roasts and tenderloins. Best of all, the cooking surface of flametop is easy to clean, safe for the dishwasher and the pots are 30% lighter than Cast Iron.


Flame Top Mini Stewpot

In Emile Henry's flametop stewpot, rich and hearty stews, chili, and slow simmering soups develop great concentrated flavor because the stewpot, designed for maximizing slow, natural cooking, keeps ingredients at a consistent temperature whether you enjoy cooking on the stove or in the oven. Best of all, the cooking surface of flametop is easy to clean, safe for the dishwasher and the pots are 30% lighter than Cast Iron.


Flame Top Tagine
A tagine is a special dish designed for foods like chicken that benefit from both a clay dish that insulates and slowly cooks and is made tender by steam. The lid, shaped like a pointed hat, allows the steam to circulate above and around the contents while cooking, thus infusing the dish with flavor and tenderness.


Flame Top Braiser

Braising chicken for a simple white wine ragout has never been easier thanks to Emile Henry's flame top braiser. From stovetop to oven, the braiser is perfect for any cook who appreciates both artisan French craftsmanship and superb results. Best of all, the cooking surface of flametop is easy to clean, safe for the dishwasher and the pots are 30% lighter than Cast Iron.


Product Info

Ideal for baking desserts or small entrees, this square baking dish is functional and stylish. The simple, yet classic shapes of the pieces are further emphasized by the urban colors and deep hues of the glazes. Because of the Ceradon manufacturing process, you can cut directly in or on them without worrying about scratching the glaze. Plus for the ultimate in convenience all of Emile Henry's table and bakeware can go directly from freezer to hot oven and into the dishwasher when finished. Each piece is made in France.



Lasagna Dish
We call this a lasagna dish, but it's useful for many different dishes. Casseroles, cinnamon buns and macaroni and cheese are just a few ideas of how this handcrafted dish can be used.


4 pc. Tableware Set

Non-stick surface makes it easy to clean in dishwasher or hand wash. Freezing, cooking, serving, re-heating in a single piece. Goes directly from freezer to hot oven up to 500ºF. Can be used in Conventional Oven, Microwave and under Broiler Rack. Lead-free glazes will not crack, discolor, or scratch. With its even heat distribution, it does more, so you do less.

Many colors available!


Butter Pot
The 4-Inch Butter Pot from Emile Henry keeps your butter soft and spreadable without refrigeration. The ingenious system uses ordinary tap water to keep your butter fresh for up to 30 days. Simply fill the base with the recommended amount of water, spread the a softened stick of butter in the top and invert into the base. With regular water changings, the butter will stay fresh and spreadable for up to 30 days.


Loaf Pan
Emile Henry's loaf dish is great for cakes, breads and savory dishes like meat loaf because the clay dish keeps the inside edges moister and less likely to have dry edges than metal loaf pans.


Salt Pig

The Salt Pig is a charming and handy way to keep your favorite salt at-hand. The wide opening accommodates even the largest of hands, and the slightly arched hood helps keep your salt free of food debris while cooking. The unglazed inside will help keep moisture out of your salt. The simple, yet classic shape of this piece is further emphasized by the vibrant colors and deep hues of the glazes.


Japanese Cup
Emile Henry's modern version of the Japanese cup is versatile and can be used for hot tea, miso soup, prep bowl, individual chocolate souffles, appetizer dips, and so much more. The Japanese Cup is 4 inches in diameter and holds 7oz. The cup is modern, elegant, casual and refined and works as a bowl or cup.


Pie Dish
A good pie, which melts in the mouth, needs to be cooked evenly and gently, without drying out. The secret is the earthenware dish. Our pie dish will make a beautiful presentation on your table while keeping your pie warm. The Emile Henry design features delightfully scalloped edges, reminiscent of the edge created when pie dough is fluted or crimped - a worthy aspect in addition to its functional capacity for both sweet and savory pies.


Pitcher - Blanc
Emile Henry's Pitcher is perfect for serving juice or milk at breakfast or wine for dinner. Handcrafted from the Burgundy region for France, the classic design of the pitcher allows for easy pouring and clean-up. Emile Henry's Pitcher makes an elegant, yet understated impression either at the table, on the counter or even in the refrigerator.


Mixing Bowl Set
Use on the table for a fruit bowl or for mixing your favorite cake batter, Emile Henry's bowls for the kitchen are beautiful and practical. We want the things you use in the kitchen to be both what you love to see and what you love to use. The bowl has the same properties as Emile Henry bakers which means it maintains hot or cold so it is great for potato salad or side dishes. Measuring 5-1/2, 8, and 10 inches in diameter, the bowls are respectively 1, 3, and 5-1/2 quarts in size.


Spoon Rest
The sloping end of the Emile Henry spoon rest keeps food spills or splatters in one place. Heat resistant and dishwasher safe, the spoon rest keeps your counters neat and clean up easy.


Set of 4 Stackable Ramekins
An essential item, due to its variety of uses, the ramekin comes in a a set of 4 to provide a lively and colourful presentation for your mini-souffles, creme brulees, savoury tarts and more.


Spice Jar with Lid - Storage Container

A canister for spices, but also for sugar, flour, cocoa. The beechwood lid has a silicone seal which keeps the canister airtight. You can also use it for ice cubes (cooled beforehand, the ceramic keeps cold).


Utensil Holder
It's those little touches that make a house a home. Warm up your kitchen decor with this gorgeous Emile Henry utensil holder. The Burgundy clay construction gives it a look that is perfectly appointed on your counter top or stove.